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Kameron Gordon


I started backcountry hunting in 2005 and quickly fell in love with it.  I was limited to how far I could go and still get an elk out hunting by myself. I was on the search for an economical way to explore further and into some of the harder to reach spots.

I started hunting and using llamas with a family friend, Dwight Schuh, who I respected immensely due to his long career in the outdoor industry as editor for Bowhunter Magazine and author of several hunting books.  Dwight had been using pack llamas since 1986 and he showed me how llamas were an amazing pack animal that required very little care and feed in the backcountry and were awesome at accessing country off maintained trails.

Dwight gave me my first two llamas in 2017 and taught me some strategies for training and raising high quality pack llamas. Dwight has since passed away, but his passion for hunting and using llamas has continued on through his mentorship with me. Our herd at Lone Pine Llamas has grown significantly over the years and due to a lot of hard work from breeders before me, we have some incredible bloodlines in our herd.  Incorporating those bloodlines from proven athletic packers into our breeding program has produced some incredible llamas. 

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15260 South Poe Valley Road

Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603


Phone: (541) 205-2853

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