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After testing multiple styles of saddles and panniers over the years, we found the tried and true sawbuck design that was modified to llamas by Al Ellis was the most practical, the lightest weight, and could be modified for different llamas stucture.  We modified Al's original design to be lighter and easier to adjust for different llama spine shapes.  The panniers are made from a high quality 500d cordura and assembled by commercial hunting pack company.



These saddles are lightweight, strong and don't absorb water like other designs. They are made out of high quality aluminum and can be easily molded to the contour of you llamas back.  We have added multiple holes and tie out points to the sawbucks to create lashing and tie off points for top loading awkward shaped items.

$350 Saddle  (Sold Out)

$30  Saddle pad

(Call for sizing and ordering options)



These panniers are made out of 500d Cordura with a reinforced double sink bottom.  They are designed to easily fit two 4.5 gal square buckets in each pannier. They come with a zippered pocket on each side and Molle webbing on top for attaching pouches and accessories

$250 for pair (Sold Out)

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Spliced Lead Rope
and Tie Out System

We splice high quality marine grade rope and have one rope for a 6' lead rope and the other for a 14' extension for staking llamas out. System included one lead rope with brass bull snap, two lightweight carabineers, tie out line and metal stake. Everything you need for leading and staking out your llamas.

$90 for whole system.

$35 for lead ropes

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