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Lone Pine Llamas Norman (ILR# 296072) 47”at 3years old.

Norman is pack trained but hasn’t carried full weight yet because of his age. Last summer as a 2 year old he was packing with light loads and is very easy to handle. This year I have put some moderate weights on him and he doesn’t slow at all on the trail. He halters leads and loads in a trailer very easily. Norman is everything I want in a packer with his demeanor on the trail and athleticism. He has a great build and a very cool and rare grey color.

Norman’s dam was one of my top packers before I started breeding her. She has packed out multiple heavy loads of elk meat in rough steep country. His sire is currently a commercial packer with thousands of trail miles. He is 47” tall and could possibly still have some growing to do.

Lone Pine Llamas Norman (Sold)

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